Car rental is one of the main aspects you would consider with every travel outside your hometown. Car rental is definitely a helping hand and a great way for transportation that makes you feel independent and gives you many opportunities to explore a place without depending on public transport. Car rental saves you time and it often saves you a lot of money. Therefore, many people opt for renting a car whenever they travel and if they do not have their own car or they cannot use it abroad.

However, despite the fact that rent a car is a great option for everyone, it could also come with its downfalls if you don’t do it right and it could turn into something you don’t want to deal with. Do not limit yourself from all the opportunities that a car rental offers just because something not so pleasant could happen. You just need to go through the ultimate car rental checklist and ensure you will enjoy all the benefits and advantages of this service without dealing with issues and for an easier and pleasing car rental experience.

First things first, save yourself time and some nerves by knowing what you need to bring with you to the counter when you want to hire a vehicle. Nobody enjoys finding themselves in a situation where they have forgotten an important document and they are unable to hire a car, so here is what you typically need to bring with you:

• A valid credit card issued in the name of the one who will drive the car.

• An original of a valid driving license.

• In case your driving license is not in English, make sure to also have it translated by your local road authority or you can also opt applying for an international driving license.

Now, you have all important documents with you and you have passed this step. Let’s talk about what you need to do when it is time to collect the car.

• Make sure you arrive on time, when it is possible. In case you are running late for some reason, if it is possible, call the rent-a-car company and let them know you will be late. In case you are late because you are travelling by air and the flight is late, it is a good idea to provide the rent-a-car company with your flight details beforehand, so they can check why you are late later and they will be able to monitor your airlines arrival time.

• Once you are on site, make sure you read the contract between you and the rent-a-car company thoroughly. Do not forget to ensure that all the additional drivers, if there are any, are registered.

• Next, the rent-a-car company should authorize a credit card security bond. Be aware that credit card authorization does not mean you are charged, however, it will limit the funds in your credit card for a certain amount required by the company. Make sure your credit card has enough funds to cover the credit card authorisation.

• One-way rentals are an option provided by many rent-a-car companies. Therefore, you should be aware that if you choose an one-way rental option, you may be a subject of relocation fee and you will be advised at the time of the reservation.

• You can also opt for purchasing extra insurance. You can do that during this initial process and before you pick up your rental car. Ask the counter staff and they will discuss the options available with you.

Now, everything is done and you are ready to pick the car up and drive away. However, before you drive, make sure to do the following stuff for extra security and peace of mind:

• Check the indicators and windscreen wipers

• Check if the car is clean and in tip-top condition

• Make sure the car has no existing damage by the time you pick it up, including scratches, dents, glass damage, etc. In case you spot an existing damage, make sure this is documented in your rental agreement to avoid being charged for a damage you have not caused.

You are ready to drive away and start exploring the area. Enjoy your experience and make sure you are following all local laws and regulations to avoid being fined or a damage to the car. Once you are done and your trip is over, it is time to return the rented car:

• Make sure you return the car on time, as discussed with the car rental staff

• Make sure to thoroughly check the car for any new damages. The condition of the car should be documented in writing too.

• Make sure you keep a copy of the contract and the report too.

• Return the car with the amount of fuel that has been initially agreed with the car rental company or as required by the company.

• It will be nice if you are able to dispose of any possible rubbish left in the car prior to returning it.

This is all you need to do and ensure for a great car rental experience. Happy and safe driving.

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