365 Car Club

Originally founded as a car rental company, 365 Car Club stands as the future of modern day transportation. Because we understand the added costs attached to owning and maintaining a car, we formed our company to take care of all your motor vehicle needs. With more and more people turning to car clubs as a means of transport, the convenience of having a car only when you need it will save you both time and money. We formally set up in 2014 with the vision of cleaning up the rental industry by firstly understanding what the customers wanted.

As a car club, we now offer members the opportunity to have access to a vehicle as and when they need, billed at hourly rates, meaning you only pay for what you use. Being a member of a car club means that you can play your part in reducing your carbon footprint and lowering CO2 emissions. Make sure you check out reservation page and book the car you want before they are fully booked!