About the Business

Our taxi company provides wonderful transportation services to the Nottingham area. We ensure your comfort while travelling with us by keeping every vehicle in our fleet of taxis and mini-buses clean and in tip-top shape. Our drivers are polite, professional, and punctual. Whether you are visiting this beautiful area or live here, we can pick you up quickly and take you where you want to go with no fuss. You can feel safe and secure travelling with our reliable and convenient taxi service.

If you are new to the area or have just come for a visit, we can take you to your destination and our drivers can tell you about the lovely area. People flock to the area because of its connection with the Robin Hood legend. With so many visitors, you can bet Nottingham has a lot of stuff to see in it. Nottingham Castle is a stately home with a must-see museum on the history of Nottingham. Just outside the walls is the famous statue of Robin Hood. You can visit the actual Sherwood Forest just to the north of Nottingham. In the ancient royal hunting forest, you can see the Major Oak tree that is said to have been a hideout of Robin Hood and his merry men. Visitors can walk through the City of Caves underneath Nottingham.

Location & Hours

9 Colwick Rd

Nottingham, NG2 4AL
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