Lafbery's Executive Chauffeuring

They say that "Little Things Make A Big Difference". Would you like your Wedding Day Chauffeur to arrive a few minutes early, or open and close the car doors for you, hold your bouquet whilst you alight the car, provide you with a few moments of peace during your journey to the church, hand you a tissue when a tear jerks (because they do, you know, no matter what anyone says!), make a frantic dash towards you with an umbrella when the rain suddenly starts, or just be there for you whenever you need him?

Lafbery's Wedding Car Hire, Nottingham is able to provide a Wedding Car Hire and Chauffeur Service that specialises in Bridal Cars and other Wedding Related Travel requirements. Whether you require a Wedding Car for the Bride, Bridesmaids, Groom, parents or other guests, we will be pleased to provide the finishing touch to your special day.