Self Drive Classics

Classic car hire from Self Drive Classics Ltd is here to fill a nostalgia gap for those who yearn for the days when motoring meant freedom and excitement. Hire a classic car for a summer weekend, turn up for your wedding in classic style - both the bride and groom can do it with a special classic car for your wedding day. You could hire a classic car as a special gift, or simply relive those motoring memories with a classic car for a touring holiday. In addition to our self drive classic cars we also have a unique range of chauffeur driven classic cars to make your wedding day even more special.

Our exciting range of Classic Cars includes a Morris Minor 'Moggie' convertible, a sporty Triumph Vitesse, a red MGB Roadster, a classic white 1965 Ford Zodiac, a classy white 1968 Mercedes 250SE a quiky Citroen DS's, and the 'Italina Job' Minis. Sometimes it's good to be a wind up watch in a digital world.