UAE Luxury Car Hire
We are a premium luxury car hire company, featuring sports car hire Dubai. Car rental Dubai is our business The rental of luxury cars for your personal use is our main feature and we also feature wedding car rental.

We at UAE Luxury Car Hire are accustomed to welcoming guests to Dubai every month of the year. We are a local company, well-known, trusted and reliable. We’ve worked with over fifty suppliers. You may depend on us to provide you with the perfect luxury car to suit your needs. If sports cars are your fancy, we have the latest models ready for your motoring pleasure.

The main feature of our company is not our fleet of sports cars or luxury vehicles. It's our commitment to the core value of customer service. You, the customer, are our main focus. The fulfilment of your needs is our aim. You, the customer, are the reason for our company's existence. Our mission is to provide a superlative luxury car rental service and sports car rental service which meets the customer’s need at every level. You won't find a company more committed than we are to a superlative customer service experience.